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Case Studies

IT & Business Consulting

Do you require access to specialized expert technical staff?

A public sector client required developers with business intelligence and reporting experience using a niche case management system (CURAM). The business challenge the client faced was a limited supply of staff available who had experience working with system within the Ontario Government and also difficulty finding staff with the required case management expertise. Symbiotic Group as part of its expert team development program, had proven staff with the required Government experience and who obtained the required case management expertise and certifications to meet the requirements of the project. The result was the successful delivery of deliverables on the project assignment.

Aboriginal Business Consulting

Are you bidding on Federal Government business that may require you to also work with First Nation, Metis, or Inuit organizations and people?

A private sector client was bidding on a long term contract with the Government of Canada. Part of the contract involved working with various Aboriginal organizations. The business challenge was that the client had no Aboriginal people on staff and a limited level of awareness of history and business requirements. Symbiotic Group was called to provide Aboriginal Awareness Training to the President and executive team and also training for the Directors and line managers involved in the running of the business. Additionally, Symbiotic Group provided IT Consulting and advice on the hiring and advancement of Aboriginal people within the organization to help ensure a sustainable project outcome. The result has been a successful project for our client and increased employment for talented Aboriginal people.

Future Leaders Initiative

Do you want to hire talented Aboriginal people but you are finding limited success?

A medium-sized Ontario company had a stated objective to hire more talented Aboriginal people within its organization to support long term business objectives and to meet internal diversity goals. The challenge was that the organization found that its traditional methods of hiring people, job postings, internships, co-ops and campus recruitment were not yielding any results. The answer was found in partnering with Symbiotic Group’s Future Leaders Initiative. This initiative enabled the company to engage with high performers groomed through an enhanced training program and available for hire either as interns (on a trial basis) or as permanent employees. The long term nature of the program has ensured greater focus and commitment from corporations and greater success for each party involved.

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