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First Nations, Inuit and Metis people – Canada’s Aboriginal People represent a key component of any organizations strategy to address Canada’s impending labour shortage which will arrive in this decade as ‘baby boomers’ retire. Success requires a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond a focus on the immediate job opening and involves a more holistic business view – Symbiotic Group brings this level of involvement.

We are focused through our Aboriginal Recruitment Program to building a database of talented people to meet the needs of our clients. Our approach involves the growth of a database, talent assessment of potential individuals, training opportunities, and long term engagement with individuals throughout their careers. Our commitment to this mission has a long term view; details of our strategic approach are listed below. In concert, these objectives provide new and expanding opportunities to engage resources now in preparation to meet present and future demand.

The Elements of our Aboriginal Recruitment Program:

Symbiotic group in addition to growing an IT services business is determined to bridge the gap between Aboriginal people, governments and corporate Canada by continually offering clients services that encourage Aboriginal inclusion within their recruitment strategy.

Aboriginal Recruitment Program

  • Aboriginal Focused Database
  • Building Client Interest
  • College University Partnerships and Training Partners
  • Talent Assessment Services
  • Training Partners
  • Coordinated Marketing Efforts
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