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“Helping you find technology and answers to grow your business” ™

Sustainable business growth is possible when relationships and technology are aligned to ensure mutual benefit. Our services help companies engage the right talent supported by technology to drive business growth.

Small to Medium Size Enterprise (SME) Businesses are one of the key drivers of economic growth and employment in Canada.

“SMEs account for roughly 43 per cent of our gross domestic product (GDP) and 62 per cent of our private sector employment. It is therefore critically important to our national productivity and economic wellbeing that Canadian SMEs achieve their full potential in terms of growth and export performance.”

(“Canadian SMEs and Globalization – Success Factors and Challenges”. Conference Board of Canada, May 2008)

The challenges to SME Business Growth are:

  • Time management
  • Financial questions
  • Sales
  • Strategic planning
  • Business processes
  • Marketing
  • People issues
  • Technology
  • Customer Retention

The Symbiotic Group Solution

How can Symbiotic Group help you grow your business?

Symbiotic Group works with SME business owners and managers to identify their area of business concern and provide Business consulting, HR consulting and Technology consulting to help focus resources and drive growth.

Business Consulting

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Planning & Execution
  • Business Process Improvement

HR Consulting

Technology Consulting

  • Business consulting to help you evaluate & select the right technology for your organization
  • Technology Implementation & Support with our IT Consulting services
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