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Contact us for a Demo Symbiotic Group utilizes proprietary talent assessment tools to help streamline its recruitment process and build its database of talent over time. We use these tools to apply additional rigour to our process and to enable continuous improvement in three areas:
  • Better recruitment - Accurate job profile and candidate matching.
  • Talent management - Review of employee data throughout their careers.
  • Career guidance - Assessment of candidate’s core competencies.

The tool enables development of our human resources and plays an important role in our ability to provide career coaching to assist growing our talent pool. The profiles are stored in an on-demand database, allowing organizations to attract, recruit, develop, promote and retain the right people every time, across the entire organization.

How will our approach benefit your organization?

Through an online competency assessment, our unique system maps people and jobs against the same competency framework, using one common language. The assessments can be performed using industry standard job classifications or customized to match specific client specific roles. The general benefits of this approach are the following:
  • Brings science and objectivity into recruitment
  • Helps you avoid selection errors, so that you don't select the wrong candidates and reject the right ones.
  • Measures against skills and abilities required for over 1200 jobs. These skills have been independently researched and validated.
  • Will assess a candidate's competency for a specific role customized by client.

The benefits of this approach for our clients are:

  • Identifies candidates with the right mix of competencies for the job.
  • Provides guidance towards more effective interview questions.
  • Provides guidance for further development & training.
  • Maximizes available talent - it highlights where else in your organization the person might fit.
  • Assesses a candidate's actual, rather than perceived strengths.
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