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How is your organization going to remain competitive in the face of a tightening labour market and an increased demand for skilled workers?

Considering an Aboriginal (First Nations, Metis and Inuit) component to your workforce objectives is not only good for Canada, it is strategic to your organizations future competitiveness.

Here is why – consider the following facts:

We will not have enough skilled workers to replace the baby boomers as they begin to retire -
  • Canada is facing a talent crisis. "This crisis arises from the intersection of two mega-trends: An aging population and an emerging knowledge economy." (Miner, Rick. "People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People: Ontario’s Labour Market")
  • In the near future we will need both a larger workforce and a more skilled workforce. "Using a variety of Canadian and U.S. estimates it is concluded that by 2031 we will need 77% of our workforce to have post-secondary credentials." (Miner, Rick. "People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People: Ontario’s Labour Market")
  • 100% of labour growth in Canada will be the result of immigration or the increase in our Aboriginal population by 2030. (StatsCan) Aboriginal People - Part of the Solution:
  • Aboriginal people are the fastest growing population segment with over 1.1 million people (StatsCan).
  • Over 54% of this population lives in urban areas close to large labour markets (StatsCan).
  • Over 50% of these people are under the age of 27 (The median age is 27 years old versus 40 in the non-Aboriginal population). In 2001, 35% of the Aboriginal population was under the age of 14 (StatsCan).
An opportunity and a challenge – young First Nations, Metis and Inuit people will be new labour market entrants at the same time that the first large group of baby boomers begins to retire in 2020.

5 Key Strategies to Overcome the Talent Shortage:

The firms that will be able to attract, hire and retain talent will be those firms that remain competitive and are active in the following five key areas which are shown in the diagram below:
  • Engage Strategic Resource Partners - Align with consulting firms like Symbiotic Group
  • Focus on Key Training Initiatives - Conduct training to meet specific business goals.
  • Global Talent – Seek talent globally
  • Experience Workers – Keep experienced workers longer through flexible contract work assignments
  • Engage Aboriginal People – A young, growing and vibrant source of talent accessible through our Aboriginal Recruitment program

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